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As a “conditionally essential” substance, taurine acts as a powerful cell volumizer in the body. It is essential for the digestion of fats, the absorption of fa...
Chondroitin sulfate
In an ideal world, our cartilages would last until the end of our lives. But in reality, everyday load, bad eating habits, sports injuries and age all leave the...
What’s the use of taking BCAAs during workout?
What’s the use of taking BCAAs during workout? SEO-Descript Taking BCAAs during workout has several advantages. How do BCAAs contribute to enhancing performance...
Short overview The strain that is exerted on the cartilages, tendons, sinews and joints every day, combined with diets that are far from perfect, sports injur...
Coconut Oil
What you can achieve by taking it * A type of fat with favorable physiological effects, perfect for baking and cooking * Thanks to its fatty acid profile,...
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Fructose (fruit sugar)
Fructose is listed as ‘fructosum’ in pharmacopeias, it is also called ‘fruit sugar’, and can be found primarily in veget...
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