How to use thermogenic fat burners?

How to use thermogenic fat burners?

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Today’s article is inspired by questions about fat burner supplements that hit Shop.Builder in huge numbers. There is always something mystical about fat burner supplements. Many expect them to save the day. Many use them in a wrong way for the very same reason. Some people think that the name ‘fat burner’ should be interpreted literally, meaning that you take the substance, it gets to the adipose cells, then it incinerates them for good. Plus the stronger the fat burner, the better it burns fat off. You wish... Obesity would not be a global issue. You would take some fat burner supplements, and you’re good already. So long abdominal fat!

Thermogenic fat burner supplements have their own category. There are several reasons why they should be covered separately: on the one hand they are the most “unearthly” of all fat burner supplements, on the other hand they are not that hard to misuse so that it threatens health (as opposed to “harmless” products like L-carnitine or ones based on cholin, and inositol).

What active substances make a product thermogenic fat burner? This product group is made of plant extracts with stimulants in them: Citrus Aurantium, Sida Cordifolia, and Ma Huang containing vegetable ephedra, and synephrine, plus Kava, Guarana, and Kola containing vegetable caffeine. These substances help to wind up the metabolism of the body even without working out, but this comes at a cost: undesirable side-effects are elevated blood-pressure and heart frequency, sleeping problems, tremors of the hands, nervousness, quick temper etc.

Let’s face the facts: thermogenic fat burners are a burden for the cardio-vascular system as they wind up the body, and raise heart frequency, so the body is exposed to an unusual stress. This means that the saying ‘the more, the better’ is definitely wrong here! Taking these substances in excessive doses will lead to undue health risks. Those who manage to avoid excessive quantities but take the products in a wrong way, also take unnecessary risks.

Enough of the introduction, let’s see the point: what thermogenic fat burner supplements are good for, and what do we use them for?

Thermogenic fat burner supplements are taken to boost metabolism, to increase the amount of energy used up during the day. Basically it’s the same as cardio workouts. A cardio workout when done properly can wind up your metabolism for several hours. It is not about the calories you burn during workout – it is pretty pointless to check the digital display for calories used up (and the machine is ignorant of several factors too). It is definitely part of the success, but the main benefit of a cardio workout is the lasting post-workout effect of elevated energy usage. The same goes for thermogenic fat burners. And that is a fact that many fail to notice: cardio workouts themselves can lead to the achievements that thermogenic fat burners are for, so there is no sense in taking huge amounts of thermogenic fat burners before workout. Yep, we know that it makes you want to do exercises, it energizes you, and raises fatigue limits. But during cardio workouts – and do not exclude other forms of exercises: during iron pumping too – your heart rate and body temperature will go up anyway! If you add some thermogenic stimulants too, it might overload the cardiovascular system. So it is both useless and risky to take thermogenic fat burner supplements before workouts.

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So how to use them then? Well, we have already mentioned what their primary role was: to turn up the energy usage of the body. When do you need it the most? Mainly when we DO NOT do workouts! Metabolism is intensified for hours after both cardio, and resistance trainings, but you might find thermogenic fat burner supplements useful on your rest days (added to your diet). So you should take such products on your rest days in the morning, and in the early afternoon – preferably on an empty stomach. Taking them in the late afternoon can mess with your sleep. And if you do a cardio workout in the morning, leave them alone pre-workout, and take them later, in the early afternoon.

In case you have ANY kind of cardiovascular problems, or you take any medications, you SHOULD NOT use thermogenic fat burner supplements. There are no exceptions! Only those without any health issues are advised to take such products. And those undergoing regular anti-doping drug tests, should also avoid taking them as some of the thermogenic agents are considered doping drugs at some organizations.

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