Low Budget Meal Plan for Weight Gain

Low Budget Meal Plan for Weight Gain

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Every expense of yours is planned? No problem, you can still do something about it: we substitute chicken breast with the beloved drumsticks. However, it represents a bit lower quality and has a bit more fat than chicken breast, it's still a good protein source. It's perfect for a permanent solution!

Low Budget Meal Plan for Weight Gain
  Weight Protein Carbohydrates Fat Calories
- 08:00:00 230g 34,8g 75,3g 8,8g 533kcal
1. Apple, jonathan 100g 0,4g 7,0g 0,0g 30kcal
2. Cytogen Whey Pro 30g 20,0g 4,0g 2,0g 117kcal
3. Oatmeal 100g 14,4g 64,3g 6,8g 386kcal
- 10:30:00 263g 29,9g 51,3g 5,8g 387kcal
1. Chicken Legs 100g 20,9g 0,5g 5,2g 136kcal
2. Broccoli (frozen) 100g 4,0g 2,0g 0,4g 28kcal
3. Rice 63g 5,0g 48,8g 0,2g 223kcal
- 13:00:00 283g 39,1g 81,7g 6,0g 551kcal
1. Chicken Legs 100g 20,9g 0,5g 5,2g 136kcal
2. Rice 63g 5,0g 48,8g 0,2g 223kcal
3. Can of beans 120g 13,2g 32,4g 0,6g 193kcal
- 15:30:00 100g 33,3g 56,7g 3,3g 400kcal
1. Maltodextrine 25g 0,0g 25,0g 0,0g 103kcal
2. Dextrose 25g 0,0g 25,0g 0,0g 103kcal
3. Cytogen Whey Pro 50g 33,3g 6,7g 3,3g 195kcal
- 17:00:00 245g 39,6g 97,5g 1,6g 577kcal
1. Rice 125g 10,0g 96,9g 0,4g 442kcal
2. Chicken breast fillet 120g 29,6g 0,6g 1,2g 135kcal
- 19:30:00 210g 28,2g 7,6g 11,0g 249kcal
1. Flaxseed oil 10g 0,0g 0,0g 10,0g 93kcal
2. Light cottage cheese 200g 28,2g 7,6g 1,0g 156kcal
- 22:00:00 10g 0,0g 0,0g 10,0g 93kcal
1. Flaxseed oil 10g 0,0g 0,0g 10,0g 93kcal
Daily nutrition 1 341g 205,1g 370,1g 46,5g 2 790kcal
By calories
30.12% Protein
54.37% Carbohydrates
15.49% Fat
0% Other
Weight distribution
15.29% Protein
27.59% Carbohydrates
3.467% Fat
53.64% Other

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