Meal plan for female dieters by Biri

Meal plan for female dieters by Biri

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There is only a few kilos left until the dream comes true? No more search for you then: a meal plan like this is a perfect basis for the fine tuning at the end of a diet. Take note that these macros are ideal for a bodyweight of 55-60 kgs!

Meal plan for female dieters by Biri
  Weight Protein Carbohydrates Fat Calories
- 05:00:00 20g 1,4g 6,4g 10,7g 132kcal
1. Oatmeal 10g 1,4g 6,4g 0,7g 39kcal
2. Flaxseed oil 10g 0,0g 0,0g 10,0g 93kcal
- 08:00:00 44g 24,2g 5,3g 1,2g 132kcal
1. Scitec Nutrition IsoFruit Delite 30g 24,2g 2,3g 1,2g 120kcal
2. Scitec Nutrition G-Bomb 14g 0,0g 3,0g 0,0g 12kcal
- 11:00:00 275g 40,0g 38,6g 3,0g 350kcal
1. Buckwheat 50g 6,5g 35,5g 1,5g 186kcal
2. Spinach (frozen) 100g 2,6g 2,5g 0,2g 23kcal
3. Chicken breast fillet 125g 30,9g 0,6g 1,3g 141kcal
- 15:00:00 180g 27,1g 8,3g 2,2g 165kcal
1. Scitec Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Professional 30g 22,0g 1,4g 2,0g 115kcal
2. Yogurt 150g 5,1g 6,9g 0,2g 51kcal
- 17:00:00 335g 38,9g 4,6g 12,1g 290kcal
1. Flaxseed oil 10g 0,0g 0,0g 10,0g 93kcal
2. Broccoli (frozen) 200g 8,0g 4,0g 0,8g 57kcal
3. Chicken breast fillet 125g 30,9g 0,6g 1,3g 141kcal
- 20:00:00 150g 21,2g 5,7g 0,8g 117kcal
1. Cottage cheese, skimmed 150g 21,2g 5,7g 0,8g 117kcal
Daily nutrition 1 004g 152,8g 69,0g 29,7g 1 186kcal
By calories
52.82% Protein
23.85% Carbohydrates
23.32% Fat
0% Other
Weight distribution
15.21% Protein
6.872% Carbohydrates
2.962% Fat
74.94% Other

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