Meal Plan only for really dedicated

Meal Plan only for really dedicated

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My God, 6 meals a day and almost 6000 calories?! Nobody on Earth can eat that much! Well, you're right, this is not a regular meal plan. If you have a job that requires some serious physical effort, you're a real hardgainer but want to put on some muscle... Then that much food will be needed if you want to accomplish that!

Meal Plan only for really dedicated
  Weight Protein Carbohydrates Fat Calories
- 07:00:00 250g 68,0g 136,3g 15,9g 986kcal
1. Oatmeal 200g 28,8g 128,6g 13,6g 772kcal
2. Biotech USA Protein Power - Vanilla 50g 39,2g 7,7g 2,3g 214kcal
- 09:00:00 460g 60,3g 172,9g 2,6g 980kcal
1. Broccoli (frozen) 80g 3,2g 1,6g 0,3g 23kcal
2. Rice 220g 17,6g 170,5g 0,7g 777kcal
3. Chicken breast fillet 160g 39,5g 0,8g 1,6g 180kcal
- 11:00:00 420g 41,4g 157,3g 27,3g 1 068kcal
1. Beef (topside) 140g 23,8g 0,8g 26,6g 348kcal
2. Asparagus 80g 1,6g 1,4g 0,1g 13kcal
3. Rice 200g 16,0g 155,0g 0,6g 707kcal
- 14:00:00 450g 85,2g 47,7g 5,0g 591kcal
1. Scitec Nutrition 100% Milk Delite 50g 35,2g 2,8g 2,8g 182kcal
2. Potatoes 220g 5,5g 44,0g 0,4g 207kcal
3. Chicken breast fillet 180g 44,5g 0,9g 1,8g 203kcal
- 17:00:00 430g 71,2g 148,2g 8,8g 981kcal
1. Sorrel 70g 1,7g 1,6g 0,4g 17kcal
2. 4 egg noodles 200g 30,0g 145,8g 6,8g 784kcal
3. Chicken breast fillet 160g 39,5g 0,8g 1,6g 180kcal
- 20:00:00 500g 108,6g 202,4g 5,1g 1 322kcal
1. Rice 250g 20,0g 193,8g 0,8g 883kcal
2. Chicken breast fillet 200g 49,4g 1,0g 2,0g 225kcal
3. Biotech USA Protein Power - Vanilla 50g 39,2g 7,7g 2,3g 214kcal
Daily nutrition 2 510g 434,6g 864,8g 64,7g 5 929kcal
By calories
30.05% Protein
59.80% Carbohydrates
10.14% Fat
0% Other
Weight distribution
17.31% Protein
34.45% Carbohydrates
2.576% Fat
45.65% Other

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