Meal plan with 3500kcal

Meal plan with 3500kcal

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3500 calories for one day: this will be the perfect fit for most of the users: It's not too much but it's more than enough. If you don't have to be afraid of getting fat and you don't have to fight for the smallest gains out there, then this will be just the right one for you. Six meals a day, including your post-workout shake: as you can see, there is no big secret here.

Meal plan with 3500kcal
  Weight Protein Carbohydrates Fat Calories
- 08:00:00 300g 22,4g 58,2g 12,8g 450kcal
1. Egg 100g 13,5g 0,6g 12,0g 169kcal
2. Brown bread 100g 8,5g 50,6g 0,8g 250kcal
3. Apple, jonathan 100g 0,4g 7,0g 0,0g 30kcal
- 11:00:00 400g 60,7g 79,1g 5,2g 622kcal
1. Brown Rice 100g 8,0g 76,0g 3,0g 372kcal
2. Chicken breast fillet 200g 49,4g 1,0g 2,0g 225kcal
3. Broccoli 100g 3,3g 2,1g 0,2g 24kcal
- 14:00:00 400g 59,8g 80,9g 5,4g 627kcal
1. Brown Rice 100g 8,0g 76,0g 3,0g 372kcal
2. Cauliflower 100g 2,4g 3,9g 0,4g 30kcal
3. Chicken breast fillet 200g 49,4g 1,0g 2,0g 225kcal
training 132g 40,0g 58,0g 5,0g 448kcal
1. Scitec Nutrition MyoMax Professional 132g 40,0g 58,0g 5,0g 448kcal
18-19.00 600g 46,2g 84,7g 39,2g 901kcal
1. Beef (topside) 200g 34,0g 1,2g 38,0g 498kcal
2. Green salad 300g 4,2g 6,0g 0,9g 50kcal
3. Rice 100g 8,0g 77,5g 0,3g 353kcal
21-22.00 280g 35,3g 9,5g 31,3g 474kcal
1. Light cottage cheese 250g 35,3g 9,5g 1,3g 195kcal
2. Flaxseed oil 30g 0,0g 0,0g 30,0g 279kcal
Daily nutrition 2 112g 264,4g 370,4g 98,9g 3 522kcal
By calories
30.77% Protein
43.12% Carbohydrates
26.10% Fat
0.000% Other
Weight distribution
12.51% Protein
17.53% Carbohydrates
4.680% Fat
65.26% Other

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