Meal Plans

Meal Plans

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Meal Plan Samples

Weight Gaining meal plan for 70kg bodyweight
Weight gaining meal plan for a 70kg body weight. Seven meals a day with the shakes. More than 200 gramms of protein, 320 gramms of carbs and over 2.60...
Weigh Gaining meal plan for 60-90kg bodyweight
This is a bit more complicated and complex meal plan, but we're still not talking about rocket science: it's guaranteed you won't get bored of this so...
Weigh Gaining meal plan for 80-90kg bodyweight v3
It only takes a blink of an eye: it's not one of the more complicated meal plans. It still offers some variety however, because if contains several so...
Weigh Gaining meal plan for 80-90kg bodyweight v2
Here is meal plan which is simple as that: the meat consists of only chicken breast because of it's price and value. Double servings of Volumass 35 ai...
Weigh Gaining meal plan for 80-90kg bodyweight v1
A weight gaining meal plan for a body weight of 80kg. Seven meals a day, including the protein shakes. More than 250 g protein, 430 g carbs and 3100 c...
Meal Plan for weight loss
The following meal plan best suits a person with a bodyweight between 80 and 100 kgs who wish to lose fat. Of course it can be customized for your own...

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