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NutreX Research

NutreX Research Inc. was founded and developed by Jeff McCarrell and Jens Ingenohl. Jeff and Jens have a total of more than 20 years of industry involvement. Their experience provides you the consumer access to some of the world’s most cutting-edge supplement technology.

Jeff McCarrell has been involved in the Sports Nutrition industry for nearly 15 years. Jeff’s experience has been with such companies as EAS, MET-Rx, Pinnacle, Biotest, and VPX. During his career he has held many positions, including Senior Executive Officer, National Sales and Marketing Director, and head of Product Development. He has also consulted to and developed some of the top companies within the nutrition industry, in addition to working on some of the most successful and cutting-edge products the industry has seen.

Jens Ingenohl is one of the hidden secrets of our industry. He has published one of the most successful anabolic journals to date in the industry. World Anabolic Review (WAR) was published and written by Jens in 1996 under the pen-name Manfred Bachmann. He has since launched a very successful sports nutrition company and a nutrition and training magazine in Germany by the name of BMS (Building Muscle through Science).

The focus and direction of Nutrex is to always bring cutting edge products to the industry. We are not a company of hype and false claims. If you will, take a look at our product line and the experience behind it. You will see that the products are in a class by themselves and we will always provide a way to make them even better. GUARANTEED !!!!

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