Weight gaining Meal Plan for 80kg

Weight gaining Meal Plan for 80kg

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You're eating so much you couldn't take more? It's time to rethink your strategy then: 3300 calories for a 80 kg bodyweight is a big deal. Turkey and chicken can be found here but what makes this meal plan unique is the veggies: these vegetables helps you compensate the acidifying caused by the chicken and the turkey. That way, you can keep the balance and avoid digestion problems!

Weight gaining Meal Plan for 80kg
  Weight Protein Carbohydrates Fat Calories
- 07:00:00 180g 36,6g 80,2g 8,3g 556kcal
1. Banana 50g 0,7g 12,1g 0,0g 52kcal
2. Oatmeal 100g 14,4g 64,3g 6,8g 386kcal
3. Scitec Nutrition Anabolic Whey 30g 21,5g 3,8g 1,5g 118kcal
- 09:00:00 350g 34,6g 80,9g 1,7g 489kcal
1. Chicken breast fillet 100g 24,7g 0,5g 1,0g 113kcal
2. Rice 100g 8,0g 77,5g 0,3g 353kcal
3. Cucumber 50g 0,5g 0,9g 0,1g 6kcal
4. Green salad 100g 1,4g 2,0g 0,3g 17kcal
- 12:00:00 300g 33,3g 78,1g 9,2g 542kcal
1. Turkey breast fillet 100g 22,0g 0,0g 6,0g 146kcal
2. Broccoli 100g 3,3g 2,1g 0,2g 24kcal
3. Brown Rice 100g 8,0g 76,0g 3,0g 372kcal
- 15:00:00 265g 31,7g 56,3g 1,5g 374kcal
1. Rice 65g 5,2g 50,4g 0,2g 230kcal
2. Green beans 50g 1,3g 3,4g 0,2g 21kcal
3. Tomatoes 50g 0,5g 2,0g 0,1g 11kcal
4. Chicken breast fillet 100g 24,7g 0,5g 1,0g 113kcal
- 18:00:00 250g 33,2g 40,1g 1,6g 315kcal
1. Potatoes 50g 1,3g 10,0g 0,1g 47kcal
2. Radish 50g 0,6g 1,1g 0,1g 7kcal
3. Beans 50g 11,2g 29,0g 0,5g 169kcal
4. Hake 100g 20,2g 0,0g 0,9g 91kcal
- 21:00:00 345g 34,5g 60,2g 33,1g 696kcal
1. Light cottage cheese 200g 28,2g 7,6g 1,0g 156kcal
2. Spring onions 50g 1,1g 3,2g 0,2g 19kcal
3. Brown Rice 65g 5,2g 49,4g 2,0g 242kcal
4. Flaxseed oil 30g 0,0g 0,0g 30,0g 279kcal
training 100g 35,0g 45,0g 3,0g 356kcal
1. Scitec Nutrition Volumass 35 Professional 100g 35,0g 45,0g 3,0g 356kcal
Daily nutrition 1 790g 238,9g 440,6g 58,3g 3 328kcal
By calories
29.42% Protein
54.29% Carbohydrates
16.27% Fat
0% Other
Weight distribution
13.34% Protein
24.61% Carbohydrates
3.254% Fat
58.78% Other

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